The Vanquish of the Gods

If the sun refuses to rise, we shall make it rise

And pile clay pot on clay pot till we form a ladder that reaches heaven

Clay pots fired with zeal, they shall warm our feet as we climb

Chanting songs of war, and humming a victorious rhyme

Tonight, not tomorrow, the gods shall kneel before our feet

And we shall consign them to weeping, and an endless gnashing of teeth


The gods must be crazy, the gods must be mad

Shoulders high in complacence, hearts swollen with pride

They used to be our pride, they used to be our glory

But slowly turning over-ambitious, they have soured our good story

With just a number of poisoned arrows, and some well sharpened swords

We shall be victorious; we shall be our own gods!


– By Kennedy Asuru


Michael & Mephastophilis

Hush little girl,
You’re the only one here,
Can’t you see you’re dying?
Where is your Savior?
Where are your angels?
Are you still praying?
Your Lord has not heard you,
My master in his graciousness has sent me instead
Your Lord has forsaken you,
You sinned little one, you sinned,
You have killed before, you must kill again
Listen to me, little girl
I will awaken you
I will heal you of your pain
I will give you the world
And you will want for nothing again
24 years to enjoy,
24 years, the world is yours,
From the northern seas to the southern shores
Me and my demons, yours to call
Your needs will be met and you’ll have much more
You’ll be a queen on earth
And a queen below,
24 years, and you’ll be my own.

The disease that holds you,
I will take it away,
Your skin will no longer rot
And your teeth will cease to be grey
I will heal your wounds,
I will adorn you with gold,
Men shall lay themselves at your feet
I Mephastophilis make you this promise,
You will not weep another day
You will not grow old,
24 years, and you’ll join my master in the city of gold,
The great city that is beneath the sea,
The men that hurt you, you will get your revenge
One by one, they shall fall at your feet and beg you
But little girl, you will not listen, because your heart is filled with hate
I Mephastophilis will get you a great vengeance
I will lay an axe on their heads at the guillotine,
I will serve you a meal of blood and flesh,
The blood and flesh of your enemies,
Little girl, you will dance on their graves
You will not cry another day.

Little girl fly!
He deceives you.
Little girl pray

Lord Jesus help me,
Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for me,
Angel Michael, please come to my aid
For the devil has my ear and he will soon corrupt my heart
I remember my sin,
I weep for it daily,
I pray Lord Jesus that you forgive me and save me
Hear me as I pray my rosary

Little girl, put that thing away
How could a virgin give birth?
You see that book you’re holding, no sense is being made.
You think there’s a Lord up there who cares for you?
Have you seen Him with your eyes?
Oh, wait, you think he loves you?
Don’t be pathetic, like He did my master, He’ll sooner cast you aside
Remember, you sinned little girl, you sinned,
You killed before and you will kill again
My master doesn’t claim to love you,
He simply lusts after your soul
24 years he’ll give you the world,
24 years and then you’ll become his own
The Lord you are praying to doesn’t care for you,
He desires your soul as well,
But unlike my master, he tricks you and deceives you
He threatens to send you to hell
Hell is just a trick of the mind
In fact, He has cursed you with disease,
Disease of mind and skin,
He has cursed with a disease because you confessed your sin
He cursed you, He did not forgive
Accept my offer little one, it won’t be made again
I Mephastophilis make you this promise,
You will never weep again

Little girl fly!
He deceives you
You called on me and now I give you my help.
Quiet Mephastophilis, tell the child, what is hell?
“Hell is falling from the bliss of God”
Tell the child, what is this city of gold?
“The city of gold is hell”
Why does your master want yet more souls?
“Because it is comfort to the wretched to have companions in misery”
And 24 years later, after all is said and done,
What will the child become?
“She will become like me sir, lost for all eternity, doomed to eternal suffering”
You sinned little one,
But you alone remember,
The Lord your God has forgiven you
And in His eyes you are tender,
And your garmets are white as snow
The Lord your God loves you
And that is why Mephastophilis cannot have your soul.
Mephastophilis, release her from this disease!
On this day, I declare you healed in the name of the Lord our God.
Little girl fly, run far away from here,
And when the devil comes again,
Call on the Lord your God, He is eager to send you His help.

– Rukky Kofi

Inspired by Christopher Marlowe’s play, Doctor Faustus.

It feels like Home

Fire, water and fresh air

It reminds me of when mom was here

It reminds me of childhood

playing without a care

dancing naked in the rain

walking, screaming, talking, growing

fire, water, air and sand,

I remember dirt being stuck in my hand

I remember love and freedom and temper tantrums

see, it’s being with you,

it feels like home,

genuine, kind and true

honest, innocent and fair,

it feels like home laying here with you.


I remember my childhood routine

it’s up in the morning, off to school and back again

it’s playing in the afternoon with imaginary friends

it’s running into the house

before long when it turns dark

for fear of monsters, the shadows that seemed to walk about

I remember the smell of dinner

the heat of the lantern

I remember holding mom’s hand while I fell asleep

because I was scared to sleep alone you see

so having you here with me,

it feels like home.


Home is not a building with walls

it’s not a place that’s warm

it’s memories and people and love

it’s waking up in the morning with a glow

Home is a place in a person’s heart

I remember being home

the warm fuzzy feeling of joyful conversation

late night singing along to “Kumbaya”

sitting around the dinner table

sharing a drink from the same cup

Not because we lack, but because we love

it’s the sound of dad’s radio in the morning

Home is consistent, familiar and warming

it feels like home you see,

waking up, off to work and coming back

knowing that there’s someone there

who actually wants me back

it feels like home you see, being with you

it feels like home, it’s kind and true


Home is the picture of old age

two oldies on a balcony

living out the rest of their days

Home is having grandkids swimming around in the pool

home is the smell of breakfast and the thought of you

home is what we all hope to find

we search in the church, we search within our families,

we even search behind our curtain blinds

home is comfort in our saddest time

home is everything and anything that adds meaning to life.

It feels like home you see, being here with you.

Talking about my dreams and pains

sharing my worries and cares

it feels like home.


so I’m sorry I broke off what we had

I’m sorry I am hard to love

I’m sorry I shoved you off

I’m sorry I treated you with disregard

I’m sorry I lost my trust in you

I’m sorry for you and for myself

It’s my fault, I screwed up

It’s sad because now, I’m homeless

In a street full of strangers, I feel alone

I have no one to call home

I look at your face and I feel contempt

what used to be love is now regret

regret and pain and suddenly darkness

emptiness and sorrow

my heart feels bleak

my soul is amiss

I’m not at home in you anymore

And sadly, you have no home in me.


– Rukky Kofi

Dedicated to a lost friend.


I think, this year is different.

I know I’m different.

As at this time in 2016, I was busy evaluating, writing, making resolutions and elaborate plans on how to achieve the goals I had set for myself. I had everything nailed and too many idealistic thoughts to understand how reality truly worked.

So I won’t do what I did last New Year’s day.

I can’t bring myself to write in my journal.

I haven’t bought a diary for this year. Something different because as at this time last year I already had a diary prepped to document all the eventful things that would take place in 2016 and trust me, not much of 2016 was eventful.

I can’t bring myself to talk too much or make resolutions or try to evaluate or over analyze things.

And honestly, I may not write another post on this blog for the rest of this year simply because I don’t have much to write about.

But come December 31st, 2017, I’m going to come online and I’m going to have hell of a lot to write about the awesome year I’ve had and how it happened.

Till then though, happy new year and I wish you a great year ahead.

First For You.

First Born Association of Nigeria….read this.

WORDS of A Young Mind

Everybody thinks its cool, being the first born, male or female. If you are from a royal home, that automatically makes you heir to the throne. You get more of the inheritance they think, or maybe yes we(first born association of Nigeria) actually do, maybe we get to be respected and treated as gods, maybe our words are held in high esteem, maybe we get to sit in the front sit of daddys car, or get to have the biggest piece of meat or largest plate of rice, maybe we get to keep late nights without being questioned, maybe we get to have our own chair in the palour like daddy does, maybe we get to be the first in everything, death inclusive.

However, not to debunk your thoughts or assumptions, but to show you that not all bright light is sunlight, sometimes it can be lantern, in this caseā€¦

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